Essential Tips: How to repot succulents

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Here’s How to Repot Succulents and Help Them Grow

Did you get a succulent plant as a present and wondering the way to transplant it correctly? Follow our Succulent Repotting Tips to try and do it the correct way!

After getting a replacement succulent plant, you’d must re-pot it in 1-2 weeksbecause it’s always an honest idea to accommodate them during a slightly better and larger pot with fresh soil. But,This is necessary, before you repot your succulents, you’ll need the plant to be semi-hydrated, so it’s a good idea to water it a few days before and let them dry out before removing them from the container. You should also cut off any dead leaves before planting. Follow our Succulent Repotting Tips to find out!

When does one must Re-pot Succulents?

⇒ If your current succulent pot appears to be way smaller than your plant, it’d be a decent time to re-pot.

⇒ If you notice ‘pups’ growing within the pot, then it’s time to re-pot the plant into a brand new, bigger one.

⇒ You also have an choice to remove the pups and transplant them into new pots.

⇒ In case your succulents have remained within the same planters for 2-3 years,there’s a decent chance that they could have depleted the soil and ripped them       off the nutrients. Therefore, there’s a necessity to induce obviate the old container and replant them in a very rich potting medium.

⇒ If you notice the plant’s roots commencing to appear from the drainage hole of the container, or on the topsoil, it can only mean that it’s time to transplant       it into one size bigger pot.

⇒If you notice any leaf rot, then it’s the correct time to re-pot succulents. confiscate the complete plant from the pot, and check the roots. If they seem black          or  are too rotted, you will should snip the damaged ones employing a clean pair of scissors. Once you’ve got removed them, leave the plant in dry soil for        3-4 days to heal.

⇒ In warm climates, you’ll transplant the succulent at any time of the year. If you reside within the cold region, always wait till the weather has warmed up               considerably before re-potting.

Succulent Repotting Tips


1.  Start with New Growing Medium

The best way is to travel for a succulent or cacti mix. Porous sandy potting soil is additionally an honest option for succulents.

2. Get the Right New Pot

Always choose a container that is one size larger than the old one. Succulents like to be slightly rooted, and they don’t want to be transferred to overly large pots. Also, confirm that the new pot has drainage holes in the bottom. Choose colorful planters because the quirky shapes of succulents match them well.

3. Repotting Work

Before you propose to remove the plant from the current container, remember to water it frequently, especially over the last 1-2 days. The new soil you are preparing to repot the plant should not be too dry. If it feels dry to the touch, sprinkle some water to moisten it.

4. Break the Pots if You Have To!

If the plant is squished and there’s no way of safely removing it out of the pot, you may should break it to save lots of the roots from getting damaged.

5. Use a Trowel

When you are removing the succulent from its existing container, it’s safe to use a baby shovel or trowel. But, once you are replanting smaller forms of succulents or propagating seeds and buds, ensure to use a metal tweezer to carefully transfer the plants to not cause any damage to the roots.

6. Coffee Filters

Cover the drainage hole of the pot with coffee filters,this permits optimal drainage of water while keeping the soil nutrients intact and clean.

7. Water When & how ?


Do not water the transplanted plants immediately to avoid any plant disease. You should ideally wait weeks before starting watering or wetting them. This break, after revitalization, gives the succulents time to recover and also avoids any possibility of plant disease.

8. Root Care

shutterstock/Julia Lav

If the roots of the plant look like they are tangled and tied together in a very clump at the bottom of the plant, try and loosen them. Glad to have left them a touch trim to remove rotten looking parts.

If you notice any plant disease, it’s a good idea to use a clean (disinfected) shear to trim off damaged roots. Also, keep the plant in dry soil for 3-4 days to confirm the roots are fine before transplanting the plant into a new pot with a new potting medium.

9. Place succulent gently on top of the soil

Now place your succulent gently on top of the soil in the new pot. Given its height, you’ll want to dig a shallow hole for it. To hold it upright with one hand, fill the planter with more soil mixture until the roots are completely covered.

Make sure the soil is not touching the leaves, as this can cause them to rot. Don’t fill the soil with the wrong impression on the side of the pot, as this can cause large numbers after attempting to water your succulent!

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